I'm Brian


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What brought you to Fanshawe?

Well , I purchased a $1000 camera and had no idea how to use it and as a kid I always carried around a pocket instamatic camera so I guess photography was my calling. I took a few night school courses but was encouraged to take a leave of absence from my employer who also paid my tuition. Win-Win

Tell us about your favourite Fanshawe experience.

The staff and fellow students were the best.
I was lucky enough to be an Interrobang photographer which came along with a lot of perks.
London is a great city but I had to be near a large body of water to continue scuba diving and my many other water sport interests!

What impact has Fanshawe had on your life?

Well photography was very very good to me but after doing over 300 weddings I never want to shoot another wedding again.... burn out I guess. Although I may write a book soon "BRIDES FROM HELL" .... to be fair there may be a few grooms in there also. I'm sure it will be a best seller with the many pictures as proof...... !

What are you up to now?

After retirement my wife (Linda) and I travel around North America Boondocking quite extensively and settle on the most beautiful island in the world .... Cape Breton (Nova Scotia). And of course we are on an inland fresh water lake but in the middle of nowhere and the Milky Way is out of this world!


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